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MKWeed Festival


A recent manifesto signed by 18 leading ecologists named “Don’t judge species on their origins” points out that the natural systems of the word are changing because of global warming, urbanization and changes in land-use. From the point of view of the old natural order globalization is creating a boom of invasive weeds: all plants in the entire world are trying to colonize every garden and every field in every part of the world. Weeds are by nature prone to create strong emotional responses and never has this been more true than today. The first Middle Kingdom of Weeds Festival (April/May 2011) was acutely timed.

As a distributed event the MK_Weeds festival was a low-key gathering of the tribes. It was great fun and successful in creating new (international) connections where before there existed only silence. A big thumbs up to all participants.

Next year we will do it again!